About us

In 1982, Work Opportunities Unlimited was founded based upon the principle that all people can work. Given the right environment, proper supports, and effective training all people can be successful in a job. Throughout the 1980s, Work Opportunities provided services in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Job placement and training services were not only being provided to Vocational Rehabilitation customers, but Supported Employment services were now being provided to those with developmental disabilities. As Work Opportunities continued to grow, services were opening up to other populations such as, welfare recipients and youth-at-risk.

In 1994, Work Opportunities began three new ventures pertaining to community-based employment. The first was the launching of Leddy Group, which is a staffing service that focuses on light industrial, front office, and human service supplemental staffing. In addition Spectrum Consulting provides Human Resources consulting services to area businesses. Also in 1994, Work Opportunities began the Youth Program, which serves youth who may experience difficulties at home, at school, and with the law. The Youth Program fosters a group approach with the intent of facilitating positive peer interaction. At the core of the Youth Program is community-based employment and adult mentorship. Expansion to Rhode Island also occurred in 1994, with services being provided to adults and students.

In 1999, Work Opportunities began providing transition services to students still in school. Work Opportunities has been able to meet the need in the areas of community-based employment, as well as, vocational exploration and transition services to adult agencies. We take a consultative approach to creating and implementing school programs that meet the needs of the students, as well as, the school district. The Career Links model of service was launched in the Spring of 1999 and has now been implemented in over 25 schools throughout New England and Florida. No longer just a New England company, Work Opportunities Unlimited began providing services in Florida in the spring of 2004, Maryland and D.C. in 2006, and most recently in Virginia in 2014.

It is the hope of Work Opportunities Unlimited to continue to foster innovative thinking that results in new services and programs that meet the needs of those seeking employment.  The courses offered within our eLearning site have been created based on our vast experience in the field, which combined with sources from industry experts, has resulted in practical proven strategies to assist individuals with barriers to employment secure employment and maximize their independence.

For more information visit us at https://workopportunities.net